Week 9 : Simple versus Perfect Tense

Hospitality English Communication Lesson


This lesson is about writing simple and continuous Questions and Answers using Plural subjects

Duration : 90 minutes

Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you must be able to :

  • Identify the difference between simple past and perfect verbs
  • Know how to use simple past and perfect
  • Identify their difference in Question and Answer
  • Identify their difference in negative Answer

Reference : Chapter 5

Exercise 8b

Part 1 (Group work)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate answer based on the verb or non-verb used in the questions

  1. Did you give the message to him ? Yes, We gave it yesterday.
  2. Have you given the message to him ? Yes, We have given it already.
  3. Did you find the guest ? Yes, We found him there.
  4. Have you found the guest? No, we haven’t found him yet.
  5. Did you do the job ? Yes, I did it yesterday.
  6. Did you do the job? Sorry, I didn’t do it yet.
  7. Did you take your breakfast already ? Yes, I took it before I came here.
  8. Have you taken your breakfast? Yes, I have taken it already.
  9. Did you take it? No, I  didn’t take it
  10. Have you taken it? No, I haven’t taken it yet.

Part 2 (Group Work)

Part 2 (Group Work)

Using subject Plural subject (eg : the customer), write 10 past sentences about :

Recreation activities

  1. (simple verb) Q : Did you make a boat reservation sir?
  2. (simple verb) A : Yes, I made a boat reservation this morning.
  3. (perfect verb) Q : Have you paid for the boat?
  4. (perfect verb) A : No, I haven’t paid for it yet.
  5. (simple verb) Q : How many boats did you request?
  6. (simple verb) A : I requested for 2 boats.
  7. (perfect verb) Q : Have you tried this trip before?
  8. (perfect verb) A : Yes indeed, I have tried a few times
  9. (simple verb) Q : Did you enjoy it?
  10. (perfect verb) A : We have had a really great time

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