Week 3A : Restaurant Communication 1

Hospitality English Program


This lesson is about writing simple and continuous Questions and Answers using Singular subjects

Duration : 90 minutes

Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you must be able to :

  • Identify Singular Subject and know how to match it with Simple or Continuous Verb
  • Identify and use Singular Subject with Simple Present Verb in Question and Answer
  • Identify and use Singular Subject with Present Continuous Verb and Non-verb in Question and Answer



Reference : Chapter 2

Exercise 3a : Hospitality English Communication

Part 1 (Individual work)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate answer based on the verb or non-verb used in the questions

  1. What time does this restaurant open ? It opens at 6pm.
  2. What does this restaurant sell ? It sells oriental food.
  3. Where is the waiter going ? He is going to the kitchen.
  4. Is he happy to serve us? Yes, He is happy to serve you Madam.
  5. What does the customer want ? He wants to order a plate of rice.
  6. Is the customer in the restaurant already? Yes, He is in the restaurant now.
  7. What is our boss checking there? He is checking the food
  8. What is he from? He is from Johore
  9. Does he always arrive at this hour? Yes, He always arrives at this hour
  10. What else does the customer need ? She needs another orange juice

Part 2 (Group Work)

Using subject He, She or Singular subject (eg : the customer), write 10 present sentences about :

Restaurant activities

  1. (simple verb) Q : What does this restaurant offer?
  2. (simple verb) A : It offers many types of food
  3. (simple verb) Q : What time does it open?
  4. (simple verb) A : It opens at 7 in the morning
  5. (cont verb) Q : Is your manager working today?
  6. (cont verb) A : Yes, he is working today
  7. (adjective) Q : Is this food nice?
  8. (adjective) A : Yes, it is very nice
  9. (prep / noun) Q : Is this food Malay?
  10. (prep / noun) A : No, It is Indian food

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