Week 2B : Front Desk Communication 2

Hospitality English Communication Lesson


This lesson is about writing simple and continuous Questions and Answers using Plural subjects

Duration : 90 minutes

Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you must be able to :

  • Identify Plural Subject, verb and non-verb
  • Know how to find the root question from a  Simple or Continuous Verb sentence
  • Identify and use Simple Present Verb in Question and Answer
  • Identify and use Present Continuous Verb in Question and Answer



Reference : Chapter 1

Exercise 2c : Hospitality English Communication

Part 1 (Group work)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb based on the verb or non-verb used in the answers

  1. Do you work in Front Office Department ? Yes, I work in front office department
  2. How do you go to work? I go to work by car
  3. Are you comfortable to drive to work? Yes, I am comfortable to drive
  4. When are you working again? I am working tomorrow
  5. Who do you go to work with? I go with my housemate
  6. Where do they work ? They work at the same hotel
  7. Are they local ? Yes, They are local
  8. Which part of Langkawi are they from ? They are from Cenang
  9. Do they work today? Yes, They work 6 days a week
  10. Are they here now? Yes, They are here

Part 2 (Group Work)

Exercise 2d : My favourite shopping center

Using subject I, We, You or They or Plural subjects, write 10 present sentences (Q & A) about :

My favourite Shopping Centre

  1. (simple verb) Q : Where do you usually do your shopping?
  2. (simple verb) A : Usually, I do it at Langakwi Parade
  3. (simple verb) Q : Why do you like to shop there?
  4. (simple verb) A : Because they have many choices
  5. (cont verb) Q : Are they having any sales right now?
  6. (cont verb) A : Yes, they are having a great sales now
  7. (adjective) Q : Are they a big shopping centre?
  8. (adjective) A : They are the largest shopping centre in Langkawi
  9. (prep / noun) Q : Are they in Kuah area?
  10. (prep / noun) A : Actually, they are at Klibang area

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