October 7, 2022

Q & A

Q – How much is the fees?

A – RM5500. If you do full payment. You will receive RM200 discount.  Deposit RM500 is required for confirmation. Another option – installment – you can pay RM500 per month for 11 months.

Q – Where will it be held? What is the schedule i.e times, dates of the course?

A – Theory classes is online. Classes 2 times a week (9pm to 10.30pm).                          

  • Upon completion there will be a first assessment by the Ministry of Human Resource. You need to go to Langkawi. Stay in Langkawi 3 days 2 night.                                   
  • Upon completion of first assessment, you will need to go to Langkawi for 3 days 2 night to attend the final exam (both theory & practical).

Q – How long to complete the course?

A -6 months to complete the course.

Q – How long is the waiting period to receive the blue badge tour guide license?

A – Approximately 2 months after passing the final exam.

Q – What is the academic requirement to enroll the Tour guide course ?

A – SPM result with 6 subject pass. In case, if you don’t have SPM we can help you. Just contact us by WhatsApp 0128210597.   

Q – When is the intake?

A –  There are 3 intakes a year

March : Start 1 Mac / Finish 30 June. – 1st Assessment in Langkawi end March. – Final Exam in Langkawi mid August.

July : Start 1 July / Finish 31 Oct. – 1st Assessment in Langkawi on 26 & 27 Nov. – Final Exam in Langkawi on 14 & 15 Dec.

Nov : Start 1 Nov / Finish 28 Feb. – 1st Assessment in Langkawi end March. – Final Exam in Langkawi mid April

Q -How to enroll the course?

A – please WhatsApp us 0128210597 / 0194743454 your ic front and back & SPM result with 6 subject pass and we will reserve a seat for you and we will send you invoice. Please pay deposit RM500.