CU2 : Tour Arrangement Confirmation



Note :

  • Ensure Tour itinerary contents are confirmed


Note :

  • Accurate tour arrangement information is obtained


  • Information from service providers are obtained
  • Customer / service provider confirmation is obtained



Tour itinerary is a piece of information about the journey or tour intended for a guest. It also includes other information or arrangement such as meals and activities. A sufficient knowledge on places of interests is required before a tour guide can successfully take guests around for outings.

The following information on tour itinerary must be verified and confirmed with the agent latest 1 day before the actual tour day :

  1. Group Name
  2. Number of guests
  3. Accommodation
  4. Payment arrangement
  5. Meals arrangement and venue
  6. Transportation arrangement and details
  7. Number of tour days and daily itinerary
  8. Hour of tour commencement
  9. Tour destinations for the guests
  10. Duration of visit of each place
  11. Special activities during tour
  12. Entrance ticket arrangement (if any)
  13. Hour of return from tour
  14. Intended hour and duration of visit of each place
  15. Safety measures (if any) required at the places of visit

Upon confirmation of the itinerary, a responsible tour guide would look up for latest information (if any) of the destinations intended and would refer back to the agency should there be necessary changes, eg : placed is closed for certain reason. A tour guide needs to be certain of the historical information on the places and to be sure not to deliver false or vague information, as this would affect his credibility and the credibility of the travel agency. A tour guide needs to make a checklist and plan his guiding performance.

An effective tour guide would study details of the places the guests are planning to visit and be ready with latest information about the places. A tour guide also needs to plan on how to promote or describe places, the history, interesting information, and make suggestions what can be purchased from the places etc..


A tour guide needs to find out basic information of the guests such as company (if necessary), race, religion and origin. If they are from abroad, Malaysian greeting style can be applied, whereas if they are muslims, then a muslim way of greeting can be applied. A few words in the guests’ language will certainly make the guests feel at home.

It is important to find out the name of group leader (if any), his contact number, and whether he speaks English/Malay or not. In the case where a group leader only speaks foreign language, then a guide who speaks his/her language will be more appropriate to perform the guiding tasks, or a standby translator must be present throughout the tour. In this case, extra charges and payment arrangement must be discussed and agreed upon by the guests.

A tour guide also needs to check the title of the guests (if any) such as Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dato, Datin, Sir, Your Excellency etc.. and address the guests accordingly and appropriately throughout his guiding trip.

Upon confirming details of the guests, a responsible tour guide would plan his/her welcoming speech, before commencing the tour.


A tour guide needs to check the mode of transportation arranged for the guests on their daily tour. This can be verified with the agent, who can be a travel agent, a hotel etc. Common transportation used includes car, van, mini bus or even a coach/bus depending on number of guests and their requests.

The following information needs to be verified with the agent/guests :

  1. Type of transport
  2. Vehicle registration number
  3. Driver’s name
  4. Driver’s contact number
  5. Number of guests
  6. Name of Group leader (if any)
  7. Group leader telephone number
  8. Payment arrangement

Upon confirming the above information, a responsible tour guide would then verify with the driver whether the vehicle is fit, serviced and travel documents such as road tax etc are valid.


What is a flight details? This is a piece of information which shows the following information:

  1. Name of guest(s)
  2. Flight number
  3. Date of arrival
  4. Date of departure
  5. Estimated Time of Arrival (STA)
  6. Estimated Time of Departure (STD)

There are various ways one may obtain a Flight Details of a client :

  1. From hotel reception if a tour guide is making a tour arrangement with a hotel
  2. From a travel agent if a tour guide is dealing with an agency
  3. From the guest if a tour guide is making a tour arrangement with a guest

Flight Details may be received via email or fax. It can be received via a tour agent or the guest themselves. Confirmation of flight details via telephone is not a recommended practice as it is bound to contain errors, and it does not serve as a proof of information. However, reconfirmation via telephone is a very healthy practice.

If a tour guide is receiving a guest from at airport, the following information is required :

  1. Name of guest(s)
  2. Flight number
  3. Date of arrival
  4. Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

At the airport, a responsible tour guide would :

  1. Check again the arrival time at the arrival screen
  2. Write down the guest’s name on a piece of A4 paper. At some places, this piece of information sheet is called ‘paging’. A tour guide needs to hold this paper/pager to the guest direction in order to identify the guest when he/she comes out from the arrival hall.

If a tour guide is sending a guest to the airport for departure, the following information is required :

  1. Name of guest(s)
  2. Flight number
  3. Date of departure
  4. Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)

A tour guide needs to ensure earlier arrival at the airport for the following reasons :

  1. Check-in hour is latest 45 minutes before departure for local destinations
  2. Check-in hour is latest 2 hours before departure for international destinations

A responsible tour guide would check the flight at the airport for possibility of delay and will inform the guest/agent accordingly.

What other information is possibly needed? It is helpful to find out the origin and the race of a guest. If the guest does not speak English, other action plan must be considered such as preparing a few lines of words in the guest’s language, or even arranging another tour guide who speaks the guest’s language or even a translator on the side.


Amendment is a change made to and information or event. Changes can happen in any itinerary, sometimes due to inevitable reasons. It can also happen due to delay in guests arrival, unforeseen circumstances, cancellations etc..

All amendments must be informed and acknowledged by the guests, agent and the tour guide. Amendments leading to refunds must be treated correctly based on prior arrangement or even agreement between parties involved


Depending on the requirement of guests, meal may or may not be arranged during a tour. A tour guide needs to check with the agent if any meal is arranged. If there is an arrangement, the following information is required :

  1. Type of meal
  2. Venue
  3. Time of meal
  4. Number of guests
  5. Any special arrangement – such as vegetarian etc
  6. Payment arrangement

A responsible tour guide would re-confirm with the eating venue of the meal arrangement a day earlier or latest one hour before arrival, and highlight the venue should there be any delay, changes or new requests.


It is common for guests to request entertainment such as stage show, cinema, karaoke, night outing or even dinner. It is important to verify and confirm with the agent the following information.

  1. Whether the reservation has been made.
  2. Number of guests
  3. Hour of entertainment
  4. Mode of transportation
  5. Entrance fees
  6. Payment arrangement.

On the other hand, a responsible tour guide would reconfirm with the entertainment outlet(s) regarding the reservation.


The service as a tour guide is paid upon agreement of fees between a tour guide and the agent. A tour guide needs to ensure that tour payment voucher and the encashment method is clearly defined. The information usually contained in a tour payment voucher include :

  1. Name of tour guide
  2. Name of agent
  3. Date of tour
  4. Tour destination(s)
  5. Hours of service
  6. Rate per hour / rate agreed upon
  7. Signature of agent
  8. Signature of tour guide
  9. Instruction of encashment
  10. Validity of voucher


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