CU8 : Customised Tourist Services Execution



  1. Analyse customized tourist service arrangement information
  2. Carry out customized tourist services arrangement

1 Analyse customized tourist service arrangement information

Customized services means arrangements made wirh various service providers such as hotels, restaurants, tour places, bus etc. These arrangements are made to meet the needs of customers. The common customized services are as follows :

  1. Room arrangement. Eg : Customers requested certain numbers of room for 2, rooms for 4, ground level request, connecting rooms etc
  2. Meals arrangement. Eg : Customers requested for certain numbers of vegetarian meals
  3. Tour places. Eg : Customers requested prepaid tickets
  4. Bus / Coach : Eg : Customers requested a 44 seaters instead of 40
  5. Tourist Guide : Eg : Customers requested a Mandarin speaking guide
  6. Special equipment. Eg : customers requested a wheel chair

Using the itinerary, analyze all service providers reserved for the group and verify with the travel agents all customized services arranged with the service providers.

Get all relevant supporting documents such as reservation with special request information, vouchers, guest list and cash if applicable.

Upon confirmation from the travel agent, a responsible guide shall verify and confirmed the information at the service providers concerned.

Why do customers request special needs?

Types of tourist can be grouped into a few common factors as follows:

  • Region of origin – where the tourist comes from can usually dictate their interest and activities while on vacation
    • habitat demography – they may live in the city and wants to see more of the countryside
    • gender – usually ladies would love to do more of shopping
    • special interest – they specifically wants the tour to emphasize on their interest
  • Tourist needs
    • Tourist may have particular request on certain issues. These issues may involve accommodation, meals, transport or even the tour guide. Well to do tourist would expect to be treated extra special and they will pay more for the extra luxuries.
  • Tourist expectation
    • From what have been described to them and probably from their own research especially with the easy access of internet, certain services may not be available readily and therefore requesting special services is the only way they could do to meet their needs.

2 Carry out customized tourist services arrangement

Tourist guide is responsible to ensure all customized services are fulfilled according to customers needs.


  1. Present vouchers or reservation information to the hotel
  2. Present document of special request if necessary
  3. Ensure all rooms are allocated according to request
  4. Should there be any problems or services not delivered as pre-arranged, then the guide needs to discuss the matter with the management until the requests are being delivered.
  5. If problems cannot be settled, the guide needs to inform the travel agent immediately


  1. Present vouchers or reservation with detailed of special request
  2. Ensure the meal, seating and menu requests are delivered accordingly
  3. If requests are not being delivered according to pre-arrangement, then negotiate or discuss with the management

Tour Places

  1. Present vouchers or reservation with detailed of special request
  2. If there is a special arrangement, example for a wheel chaired guest, ensure the requests are delivered accordingly
  3. If requests are not being delivered according to pre-arrangement, then negotiate or discuss with the management

Guests special needs

From time to time, tour guides will encounter tourist with special needs and it will be of utmost importance that the guide have the basic knowledge of handling matters concerning emergency, medical and handicap aids. The issue can be critical as it concerns matters related to health and the well being of the tourist and therefore the guide must be equipped in handling these special needs.

When booking for tour packages guests will usually communicate their medical needs to the agent. For tourist who is handicapped, the agent must propose suitable tours which are handicap accessible. There can also be extra charges on passenger who needs handicap aids and this will be communicated to the ground handlers. The ground handler may also receive special instructions regarding accommodation, transportation and meals.

Handicap aid

At the very least, it must be ensured that the physically challenged can have access to and the same travel experiences. It is the responsibility of the tour guide and the travel agents (local and overseas) to think ahead and take steps to prepare for the difficulties which might be encountered. Although the physically challenged person will usually be travelling with a companion who will assist with the special needs the tour guide needs to make sure the places visited will be accessible and all special instruments needed are available.

Execute tourist special needs arrangement

In the event that a handicapped tourists are injured, it is of utmost important that before any treatment is administered, situation must be assessed carefully weather it constitutes as an emergency or the situation is not serious and could be treated with common remedies. Fractures, cardiac arrest or big cuts with consistent bleeding may constitute as an emergency as opposed to headache or stomach ache. Therefore, an emergency may need serious medical attention while the common ailments may be treated with common remedies.

However, before administering treatment, be it an emergency situation or common ailments the medical background of the tourist must be checked. This will let us know if the tourist is allergic to certain medication and treatment administered may not deteriorate the situation due to reason unknown to the medical administrator. Medical background can be checked with the tourist if he is conscious or to the local or overseas agent.

Any medication that the tour guide recommends or administers for common ailments must be with the consent of the tourist. The tour guide should not administer treatment for serious cases except first-aid and only if he or she is trained to do so.

In serious emergency cases, the tour guide should contact relevant authorities for assistance followed by organizing transport for evacuation or delivery to medical facilities.

Problem solving skills

Handling customized services can be challenging if there had been a miscommunication between the guests and the travel agent.

Therefore, effective communication must be practiced when extracting information from the tourist about any complaints as well as in investigating the matter among personnel involved. In communication, care must be taken on the following:

  • language
    • pitch and tone of voice
    • body language
  • Probing technique

In investigating and extracting information from all parties involved, it is a must to be able to adhere to the following:

  • work accurately
    • listen and respond to customer
    • ask appropriate question

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