CU9 : Tour Payment Arrangement



  1. Assess tour payment arrangement instruction
  2. Execute tour payment instruction
  3. Report tour payment transactions


In most payment arrangement, cash payment may take place but in most cases, it could be minimal for a tourist guide. Cash payment are usually payments for entrance tickets, restaurants along a tour trip etc and sometimes it may involve accommodation payment. In most cases, voucher is used instead of cash.

What is voucher?

  1. A voucher is a Cash Value document for various reservation such as hotel, meal, admission ticket (theme ark, sunway lagoon, genting skyway, etc), transportation
  2. It is provided by travel agent to their clients as a receipt for advance registration payments.
  3. It is a support document detailing fact of transaction to be posted into front office accounts vouchers are used to communicate information from a point of sales to the front office.
  4. Voucher helps to ensure all transaction requiring account posting has been accounted correctly.

Types of Voucher:

A voucher is a brief document given to the tourist in a form of a chit.  Vouchers are usually given for an exchange for a pre paid products or services. Examples :

  1. Hotel voucher
  2. Meal vouchers
  3. Transport voucher.
  4. Entrance Voucher ( Theme park, Museum, show, skyway, etc)

Sometimes, for promotional reasons vouchers are given by other business establishments such as, restaurants, Credit Company and etc

  • Contents of a voucher :
    • Date
    • Name of supplier
    • Duration of stay for hotel
    • No. of pax
    • Type of room for hotel
    • Type of meal for restaurant
    • Type of service for others
    • Mode of payment
    • Visiting Date / time
    • Special request

Who prepares the Voucher?

  • Tour Agent (normally operation staff) that has contract with their respective supplier

Why Voucher is important?

  • As a prove that reservation/booking has been confirmed
    • It is easier for Tourist Guide, TG doesn’t have to carry cash
    • Safer instead of carrying cash


Link Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd.
(KKKP-00300) Ground Floor, Wisma Central, Jalan Tours,
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4042 0098
Fax: 03-4042 0099    

Meals Confirmation Voucher  
Tour Ref : Ace Tour 070418  
Client :  Chennai India Restaurant    

Venue : Nawab Restaurant, Chulan Square, Jln Bkt Bintang
Contact :  Suresh: 019-3322 568  

Meal Arrangements : Indian Buffet  
Date : 7 Dec 2019  
Dinner Time : 2130 hrs  
No. of pax : Adult: 20 , Child.:  3    

Reservation made by : Faisal     

Note : Meals for 40 pax as agreed

Company stamp Ref:  


Some travel agents provide cash advance to the guide, but some do not. Therefore the guide has to advance their money first, then reimburse after the tour complete. The post tour billing arrangement is customary in the industry, but only for experience tour companies

Cash payment involved during tour include:

  • Driver’s tip:  Day tour: RM20, Night tour/dinner transfer: RM20
    1. Toll: as per receipt
    2. Porter:  RM0.30 per bag


Advance is an amount of money taken or received from another party for the purpose of payment. Usually it ranges from 10% to 100% of the original amount depending on the type of transaction.

There are several areas where advances may be involved in a tour instead of voucher such as accommodation, meals, rental of transportation, driver tips, toll, porter age, guiding fees, translation fees, entrance tickets/fees of places of interests, cost of meals etc, including unanticipated costs.

A tour guide needs to check, define and confirm with the agent regarding the payment arrangement before carrying out a tour guide duty. This is necessary in order to avoid misunderstandings and embarrassment.

Advances for Driver Tips/Toll

If a journey requires to pass through tolls, a guide must be responsible to calculate the number of tolls he/she will pass through and the amount of money each toll requires. This type of advance must be presented with a receipt from the agent stating the amount of money advanced to the tour guide, for what purpose and the name of tour guide and recipient toll(s). The toll receipt must be presented to the agent and change must be returned. It is also common that a tour guide use his/her own money first, then present the toll receipt for claims.

Advances for bellman

A tour guide can request advance for this type of service, but must returned the cash if it is unused.

Advances for Guiding Fee and Subsistence Allowance

Sometimes, an agent may provide certain amount of advances for guiding fees and meals allowance to the tourist guide.

Tour guides may be paid differently according to their level of services and capabilities. A tour guide who speaks foreign language(s) may be paid higher than those who only speak in a local language. A guide who knows more about nature must be paid higher than those who only know how to take guest around places of interest only. Some tourist guides set an amount of advance fee for their service while some claim their fees upon completion of their job. If a guide is required to stay away from his/her operating area, or if he/she is required to stay overnight at a place outside his/her region or working over time, then he/she is entitled of subsistence allowance. The agent must pay the agreed amount of allowance to the tour guide based on the hour or half day rate or daily rate.

*  Note : If a guide has already received an advance for his/her guiding job, he/she is required to sign a standard advance form available at the agent. The tour agent will be given a receipt. The advance receipt must be attached together with a guide final claim form.

Advances for Administration Fees to Touristic Places

Certain touristic places require cash admission fee and may not accept vouchers. Very often they offer special rate for groups. Sometimes they offer voucher instead. A guide must first identify which are the places requiring admission fee. He needs to calculate the amount and request advance from the agent. It is a usual practice that a guide needs to collect guest identity card(s) or passport(s) when making group payment at places requiring admission fee.

If a guide needs to collect advances for places with admission fee, then he/she must present a summary report to be presented to his/her agent. The following information must be included :

Amount of Advance received :

Admission fees :

  1. Place A – Amount Paid :
  2. Place B – Amount Paid :
  3. Place C – Amount Paid :
  4. Amount Returned (Balance) :


Tourist Guide need to submit requisition/application for cash advances for a cash amount he pays to drivers/porters admission fees etc using his own money.

  • Once approved the account department can disburse to the tourist guide and he/she will have to sign the receive form/petty cash receive form.
  • Tourist guide will have to produce receipts for all expanses.
  • Once the tourist guide completed the job she/he will report on the expenses made and any extra will have to be returned or if expenses is more he/she will have to fill in the claim forms.

Tourist guide professional fees 2008

Types of Tour Assignments Local
Overland Trip/ Overnight
(exclude :Breakfast-RM5, Lunch- RM10, Dinner – RM10, Hotel Accommodation – RM100 per day  
180.00 350.0
Overland Transfer to Singapore 1st and 2nd Link   250.00 350.00
Full day City Tour.
Country Tour with dinner (Maximum 12 hours)  
250.00 350.00
Half day City Tour (Maximum 4 hours)
Overtime charges per hour  
KLIA/LCCT transfer to: Genting, / Bkt Tinggi / Janda Baik   180.00 250.00
KLIA/LCCT transfer within KL 100.00   150.00  
Airport Transfer In OR Airport Transfer Out 100.00   150.00  
Day Trip Tour to: Putrajaya / Cyberjaya / Shah Alam / Kuala Selangor   180.00 250.00 –
Day Trip Tour to: Genting / Bkt Tinggi / Afamosa Water World   180.00 250.00 – 350.00
Day Trip our to Malacca/ PD / Muar – 8 hours   200.00 250.00 – 350.00
Overland transfer to: Johor / Trg / KB / PP / Kuala Perlis / Bkt Kayu Hitam/  Hadyai   250.00 250.00 – 350.00
Overland transfer to: Kuantan / Cherating/ Awana Kijal / Mersing / Tg Gemuk   200.00 250.00 – 350.00


  • Report transactions by standard procedures
  • Fill in forms supplied by hotel outlets
  • Ensure to follow rules set by each individual hotel outlets
  • Ensure receipts are available and valid


Transport Voucher 

Transport Voucher

Coach  : Vehicle No.     

No. of seats:

Rental rate per days : RM 800        

No. of days :

Amount Paid:  RM 4,000                               

Cheque / Cash

Received by (Name) :



Taxi Voucher

Ferry  :  Vehicle No.     

No. of seats :

Rental rate per days :

No. of days :

Amount Paid : 

Cheque/Cash :

Received by (Name) :


Signature :                                   

Signature of Tourist Guide :


Prepared by :

Reference :

http : Mesra Malaysia A Certified Customer Service Excellen

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