CU11 : Post Tour Reporting


  1. Obtain on-tour information
  2. Study tourist feedback
  3. Generate tour report

A Tourist Guide needs to prepare Post tour report so that tour activities are evaluated and analysed in accordance with travel agents requirements. The Tourist Guide who is competent in post tour shall be able to obtain on-tour information, study tourist feedback and generate tour report

sample survey questions


Survey on New Places of Interest and Products

A tour guide needs to be observant of new places of interest and products in the country. He/she needs to pay a visit to these new places and products center to gather as much information as possible such as security measures, its legalities, about the product itself, facilities available at the center etc. A place which fails to meet the national standards required as a tour destination must not be proposed as a tourist destination. The information gathered for potential new places of interest or new tourism products can be used to promote new national destinations and as new tourism products.

Make Field Studies and Evaluations

Field studies and evaluations are required especially when planning to propose a new destination in an itinerary. Among the information needs to be gathered and evaluated are as follows :

  1. safety
  2. location
  3. distance
  4. facilities
  5. about the product/place
  6. prices
  7. tourism interest
  8. route to destination
  9. other services                   

Sources of On-Tour Information

These are avenues where details of on-tour informations are recorded, to ensure the genuineness, accuracy, transparency and accountability of the information recorded. 

Tourist Guide Log Book

Tourist Guide Log Book is one of the ways to capture and record information of a tourist guide on his or her assignment. It helps to collect detailed information on the itinerary and can be used later on as a record if inconsistency happened.


Why do we need survey?

A survey is required in order to find out the feedback form the guests regarding :

  1. Place of interest
  2. Accommodation
  3. Restaurants
  4. Coaches
  5. Tourist guide performance

In order to carry out a survey, a tourist guide may request formatted survey form from the travel agent. If such survey forms are not available, a guide may create himself the following form.

  • Manual tourist feedback form
  • Online tourist feedback form such as google form
sample of survey result

The result of survey shall determine :

  1. Irregularities during tour
  2. Prospective tourism products
  3. Tourist verbal inputs
  4. Classification of situations and finding during tour
  5. Gather Feedback from Tourist

Tourist Feedback Form

Tourist Feedback Form contained the most direct information from the tourists. It captures their satisfactions and dissatisfactions and also their constructive feedbacks that can be useful and act as a reference for the tourist guides or travel agencies’ next itinerary planning.





3 GENERATE TOUR REPORTProcedures to write post tour report

  a. Write the Tour Report

  • Compile all completed forms, segregate feedback according to type
  • Analyze the causes of complaints, find solutions and also note positive comments for things that should be continued or maintained.
  • Make relevant and practical recommendations and suggestions.

b.  The tour report information should be linked back to:

  • Policies such as on quality, values and others
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Business Development

c. Submit Tour Report to the travel agents


sample of result analysis of a survey

Classification of situations and findings during tour

After studying feedbacks on the situations, one will be able to classify the findings of the reports into few different categories, suggestions for improvements, suggestions for new and prospective tourism products, compliments and complaints. With that, tourist guides and travel agencies alike will be able to benefit from the feedbacks and adopt or implement it for the next tours.


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