CU1 : Tour Job Assignment Acceptance


Bahagian ini mengandungi 20 soalan. Sila BULATKAN jawapan anda

1. A Tour Assignment will determine the following information.

  1. Day & time
  2. Location and hotel name
  3. No of person and special arrangement
  4. All the above are correct

2. Guiding Fee is fixed by 

  1. Malaysian Tourist Guide Association
  2. Malaysia Travel Agent Association
  3. Malaysia Assurance Association
  4. Ministry of Tourism

3. Some of the voucers a Tourist Guide may have to deal with includes :

  1. Entertainment voucher
  2. Breakfast Voucher
  3. Transportation Voucher
  4. All the above are correct

4. Which of the following process applies during arrival?

  1. Immigration-gate-security-custom
  2. Aircraft-immigration-reclaim hall-custom
  3. Immigration-security-baggage claim-custom
  4. Custom-security-immigration-baggage claim

5. What sort of activities are suitable when stuck in a traffic jam?

  • Call travel agency
  • Report to the authority
  • Calm the passengers down
  • Make the best of the situation while creating an activity
  1. I and II                                    
  2. I and IV
  3. II and III                                              
  4. III and IV

6. The tourism industry in Malaysia is governed under the :

  1. Malaysia Government Tourism Act 1992
  2. Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board Act 1992
  3. Tourism Industry Act 1992
  4. Tourism Malaysia Act 1992

7. Tourism development in Malaysia comes under the jurisdiction of the :

  1. Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  2. Ministry of Tourism
  3. Ministry of Malaysia Tourism
  4. Ministry of Tourism Industry

8. The Commissioner of Tourism is appointed by :

  1. Minister of Tourism
  2. Director-General of Tourism Malaysia
  3. Secretary-General of the Ministry of Tourism
  4. Chairman of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board

9. The regulations pertaining guiding profession of Tourism Industry Act 1992 is known as :

  1. (Licensing and Tourist Guides Control) Regulations 1992
  2. (Licensing Control of Malaysia Tourist Guides) Regulations 1992
  3. (Licensing Control of Tourist Guides Profession) Regulations 1992
  4. (Licensing and Control of Tourist Guides) Regulations 1992

10.Which of the following situation may cause alternative plan?

  1. Tourist decided go to a different place of interest
  2. Destination on the itinerary was closed due to unforeseen circumstances
  3. Bad weather and traffic jam
  4. All of the above.


The content of a voucher are as follows :


1.List down 5 types of advances a Tourist Guide may need to seek for prior an assignment

  • Entrance Fees
  • Meals
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Bus Fee


2. Write short notes on Tadau Kaamatan

  • Celebrations by Sabahan
  • Falls On 1st May until 31st May
  • It is a harvest festival
  • Cultured dance/tarian keamatan is performed
  • Tourist attraction of Sabah



1. Language proficiency is very important in tour guiding.  Why? 

  • It is key for Communication
  • So That correct information disseminated
  • To Avoid miss communication
  • So that guest understand clearly
  • So That safety customers feel confident and entertained

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