CU3 : Tourist Arrival Execution


Bahagian ini mengandungi 10 soalan. Sila BULATKAN jawapan anda

  • 1. Where can tourist guide obtain tour assignment from?
    1. Tour agent
    2. Transport agency
    3. Event management company
    4. All of the above
  • 2. Tour itinerary is known as
    1. the agreement between travel agency and tourist guide
    2. the agreement between customer and tourist guide
    3. the agreement between travel agency and tourists
    4. the agreement between customer and airline company
  • 3. Tour assignment checklist should include all of the following except;
    1. tour itinerary
    2. placard
    3. passport
    4. vouchers
  • 4. Content of the tour itinerary should include the following details;
    1. flight number
    2. arrival date and time
    3. name of hotel
    4. all of the above
  • 5. What is the purpose of tour itinerary?
    1. As reference and guidance for tourist guide to conduct tour
    2. As payment voucher at the places of interest
    3. As mementos for the tourists and their families
    4. As reference for future travels
  • 6. Tourists usually arrive in Malaysia using the following mode of transportation except;
    1. Airlines
    2. Cruise ships
    3. Coaches
    4. Bicycle

  • 7. If you plan to meet your client in KLIA, which of the below action is NOT proper?
    • Prepare a placard with the name of the tourist
    • Put on the company’s uniform
    • No preparation needed
    • Wear proper dress code
  • 8. The following are the common types of vouchers except;
    • Meal voucher
    • Taxi voucher
    • Hotel voucher
    • Theme park voucher
  • 9. Accommodation voucher is normally issued by
    • Tour agency
    • Transport agency
    • Tour leader
    • Hotel
  • 10. What details should be included in service voucher?
    1. Date and time
    2. Name of supplier
    3. Number of pax
    4. All of the above

BAHAGIAN B : SOALAN BETUL / SALAH. Sila tandakan ( / ) dalam jawapan anda

Before a Tourist Guide starts his/her job, the following should be carried out :


1. List 5 steps when carrying out ‘Meet’ and ‘Greet’

1) Prepare placard/paging board                                                                               

2) Perform greeting base on MOTAC guideline

3) Identify the tour leader                               

4) Reconfirm Itinerary                                                                     

5) Perform recounting and proceed to transportation


2. Why is tour itinerary important?

1) As a guideline for the guide                                                                       

2) So that time can be manage properly               

3) To meet customers needs                                           

4) To ensure everything is carried out accordingly                         

5) Able to pre-verified destinations prior tour                           


1.         Explain what tour itinerary is and how it can help tourist guide when conducting tours?

  • A schedule of visiting plaees, accommodation, restaurant etc..with time indicator
  • A piece of information about a group number of pax, day of stay and places to visit.
  • It helps the guild to manage the time varify places to visit and therfore collect releant information
  • It Helps the guild to coordinate the route with the driver
  • Helps to make the tour smooth & succesful

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