CU6 : Tourist Health Safety Security & Emergency Handling


Bahagian ini mengandungi 10 soalan. Sila BULATKAN jawapan anda

1. The first thing to do in an emergency is

  1. Not to panic
  2. Calm down the tourists
  3. Count number of tourists in your group
  4. Proceed to safety zone

2. The following are safety items EXCEPT

  1. Safety box
  2. Safety jacket
  3. Safety cone
  4. Emergency light

3. A journey should be free of

  1. Falling rocks
  2. Landslide
  3. Dangerous animals
  4. All of the above

4. The following is a safety measure in a forest or a jungle

  1. Wear long pants
  2. Wear bright colour outfit
  3. Waer safety jacket
  4. All of the above

5. The following should be checked in a first aid box EXCEPT

  1. Expire date
  2. Instruction of using medicine
  3. Breathing aids
  4. Medicine which should be changed

6. Good eye contact conveys confidence, enthusiasms and the following general sense.

  1. confidence
  2. enthusiasm
  3. well being
  4. all the above

7. Confirmation of flight details via telephone is not a recommended practice as it does not

  1. serve as a proof of information
  2. reflect hospitality
  3. agree with the regulations
  4. carry much information

8. At beginning of trip, remove old baggage tags and supply each traveller with

  1. Bigger one
  2. Smaller one
  3. Same one
  4. New one

9. What does MTGC stand for :

  1. Malaysia Tourist Guides Commission
  2. Malaysian Tourist Guides Council
  3. Malaysian Tour Guides Council
  4. Malaysia Tourism and Guides Council          

10. As a tourist guide, you need to keep the following information

  1. personal mobile phone number
  2. name of tour manager or officer in charge
  3. office contact number and emails
  4. all of the above


The following should be carried out by a Tourist Guide


1. Explain 5 steps how to use a fire extinguisher

1) Remove safety pin                     

2) Point nozzle to fire                                                                           

3) Squeeze the lever                                                               

4) Aim at fire in a sweep motion                                                          

5) Stop when necessary                                                                           


2. State 5 measures to be taken for the disabled

1) Check type of ability    

2) Check type of medication                                             

3) Check disability tool                                                         

4) Check special requirement                                     

5) Check do’s & don’ts                                                                       



1. You need to take your clients to a recreation park. List down your safety checklist.

  • Analyse the visiting place
  • Brief the tourist about suitable attire
  • Prepare first aid kit
  • Remind do and don’t
  • Analigse tourist fitness

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