CU9 : Tour Payment Arrangement


Bahagian ini mengandungi 10 soalan. Sila BULATKAN jawapan anda

1. What information may not be included in a voucher?

  1. No of pax
  2. Total amount
  3. Payment instruction
  4. Banking instruction

2. The following information best describes a voucher   

  1. Voucher is a claim information
  2. Voucher is a receipt of payment
  3. Voucher is a piece of new reservation information
  4. Voucher is a piece of reservation which may have been paid

3. A voucher may be used at this place

  1. Restaurant
  2. Water theme park
  3. Cable car ride
  4. All of the above

4. When making a claim from an agency, the following is a common practice  

  1. Ask in advance
  2. Fill in a claim form
  3. Accept cash only
  4. Demand for tips

5. A tourist guide is more likely to be instructed to bring cash advance to the following place

  1. A souvenir shop along a trip
  2. A restaurant located along a trip
  3. A restaurant within hotel accommodation
  4. A souvenir shop within hotel accommodation

6. The total land area of Malaysia is …

      a)  327,849 sq km

      b)  328,947 sq km

      c)  329,847 sq km

      d)  330,847 sq km

7. Malaysian time zone is…

   a) -8 GMT

   b) +8 GMT

   c) +9 GMT

  d) -9 GMT

8. Malaysia shares its time zone with…

        a) Philippines & Indonesia

         b) Brunei & Thailand

         c) Singapore & Hong Kong

         d) Cambodia & Laos

9. Peninsular Malaysia is surrounded by

        a) Sulu Sea and East China Sea

         b) South China Sea and East India Sea

         c) Sulu Sea and Straits of Melaka

        d) Straits of Melaka and South China Sea

10. The word Monsoon is derived from

         a) Arabic which means musim

         b) Chinese which means rain

         c) Indian which means wind

         d) Dutch which means moon



The following information is about Tour Payment



1. Write Five (5) checklist on meal arrangement

  • Place(Location)
  • Price
  • Menu
  • Time
  • No of pax


2. Write short notes on Deepavali

  • Festival of light celebrated by Hindus
  • The Hindus prepare (coloured rice) and arrange various pattern



  1. As a Tourist Guide, you have been requested to select a restaurant for you tourists.

What are the factors that you should consider before making the recommendation?

  • Type og guest
  • Location of restaurant
  • Quality of food
  • Service
  • Availability
  • Accessibility & Safety

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