CU10 : Optional Tours Execution


Bahagian ini mengandungi 10 soalan. Sila BULATKAN jawapan anda

1. What action is important if the tourists are offered an optional tour?

  1. Ensure they have time.
  2. Ensure they pay extra tips.
  3. Ensure this trip is profitable.
  4. Ensure they pay before the tour.

2. Optional trip may be required due to the following reason.

  1. This is a norm in a tourism industry
  2. The service provider directed to do it
  3. The bus driver knows this trip is better
  4. A place to be visited is unexpectedly closed

3. The following explanation refers to “Optional tour must be carried out with code of ethics”

  1. The tour is suggested because it is more profitable
  2. The tour is carried out using the guideline of MTGC
  3. The tour is suggested to compensate a poor service
  4. The tour is carried out using guideline of Ministry of Tourism

4. If an extra tour is requested by the group, the supplier needs to be informed so that

  1. Invoice can be updated
  2. Extra charges can be arranged for the tourist
  3. The supplier can verify whether the tour is within the budget
  4. All of the above

5. An optional tour request has been rejected by a Tour Guide, the possible reason could be

  1. The tour guide is lazy.
  2. The tour could be dangerous.
  3. The guests do not have money to pay.
  4. The guests need to rest asa much as the guide.

6. Methods of payment accepted by the tour agency are;

  1. Cash                            III.        Credit Card    

II. Post Billing               IV.        Traveller’s Cheque

  1. I & III
  2. I, II & III
  3. I, II & IV
  4. I, II, III & IV

7. Cash payment during tour may involve the following charges;

  1. Toll
  2. Porter
  3. Driver’s allowance
  4. All of the above
  • 8. What should tourist guides do when they lost the hotel voucher?
  • I. Report to hotel
  • II. Report to Airline
  • III. Report to the police
  • IV. Report to tour agent
  1. I & II
  2. II & IV
  3. I & IV
  4. III & IV
  • 9. When does a tourist guide sign the tour assignment confirmation order?
  1. On the day the guest arrive
  2. Before the departure of the guests
  3. After collecting the guests and checking them in at hotel
  4. Once the tourist guide and tour agent agreed on the tour assignment
  • 10. Who prepares the tour itinerary for tourist guide?
  1. Tour leader
  2. Travel agency
  3. Airline company
  4. Transport company


The following precautions are needed for an optional tour at a recreation center


You will take your clients to additional tour at a souvenir center. Briefly explain about the following products:-

  1. Songket
  • It is hand woven
  • Thread used are usally gold or silver
  • Originated from Terangganu
  • Used during formal occasion such as wedding
  • Example of Product handbag,sampin, tengkolok

  1. Batik
  • It is a hand chanting
  • Usually drawn/ chanted on silk
  • A traditional malay art
  • The pattern mostly flowers & nature
  • Batik products are shirt and sarong



1. In your opinion, what are the strengths of Kedah as a tourist destination?

  • Geoforest Park                       –        Awarded by Unesco on 1 june 2017
  • Lembah Bujang                       –        Old Pottery & monuments aged 500 bc
  • Oldest bigdom (Kedah Tua)     –   Indian influence (Langkasuka)
  • Rice bowl of Malaysia            –    Breath taking views of padi fields
  • Langkawi as jewel of Kedah              – Kedah fort, mystics, highest peak, in Kedah

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