Tourist guide field trip.. what is it for?

Our 15th tourist guide group is rolling the ball again. Congratulations!!

In our tourist guide program which runs 3 times a year, all students are required to participate in a field trip set in the beginning of the course. Melaka has been the most popular destination to date, as there are lots of things to do there.

In the past, we had chosen Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Cherating and Taman Negara among a few, however Melaka wins the heart of our students. Prior heading the field trip, students are required to complete all 11 modules set by JPK. The students are then divided into groups, whereby each group is responsible of handling certain tasks which will be evaluated as Module 5, which is called Itinerary Handling.

Along the journey, assessment Module 4 will be carried out with the presence of a selected assessor. Students are required to perform information dissemination on their final day of field trip.

Congratulations to all students, particularly the head of the team, Mr Jerome and Nor Ashiqin, who seem to be working hand in hand in organizing this trip.

Geo team who accompanied them are Mr Ramazan, Mr Amin as licenced guides and headed by Mr Afizul, the Director representative.

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