Week 7 : Customers Concerns 2

Hospitality English Program


This lesson is about writing Present, Future and Past Questions and Answers using Singular & Plural subjects

Duration : 90 minutes

Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you must be able to :

  • Use Plural Subject with Present, Future & Past Simple or Continuous Verb
  • Use Singular Subject with Present, Future & Past Simple Verb in Question and Answer
  • Use Singular & Plural Subject with Non-verb in Question and Answer


Reference : Chapter 4

Exercise 7a : Hospitality English Communication

Part 1 (Individual work)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate answer based on the verb or non-verb used in the questions

  1. What type of services do you offer ? We offer massage service.
  2. Did you make a booking Madam ? Yes, I made it yesterday.
  3. Have you finished with my nails ? Yes, I have finished it already.
  4. When do I need to come again? You need to come here again tomorrow.
  5. Were you satisfied with our previous service ? Yes, I was very satisfied with it.
  6. Did you get pedicure service yesterday? No, I did’n get it.
  7. Have you finished massaging my back ? No, I haven’t finished it yet.
  8. Did you finish massaging Mdm Vicky? No, I didn’t finish it properly.
  9. How long do you take to complete a massage? Usually, we take 30 minutes
  10. Could you please lye down here Madam? No, I can’t lye down, my back hurts.

Part 2 (Group Work)

Using subject He, She or Singular subject (eg : the customer), write 10 past sentences about :

SPA activities

  1. (simple verb) Q : What time did the client come here
  2. (simple verb) A : She came about 11 am
  3. (simple verb) Q : What service did she ask for?
  4. (simple verb) A : She only asked for massage
  5. (cont verb) Q : Was she screaming during the massage?
  6. (cont verb) A : No, she was not screaming
  7. (adjective) Q : Was she happy with our service?
  8. (adjective) A : I think she was very happy
  9. (prep / noun) Q : Was she here yesterday
  10. (prep / noun) A : Yes, She was here yesterday

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