Week 4A : Housekeeping Communication 1

Hospitality English Program


This lesson is about writing simple and continuous Questions and Answers using Singular subjects

Duration : 90 minutes

Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you must be able to :

  • Identify Singular Subject and know how to match it with Simple or Continuous Verb
  • Identify and use Singular Subject with Simple Present Verb in Question and Answer
  • Identify and use Singular Subject with Present Continuous Verb and Non-verb in Question and Answer

Reference : Chapter 2

Exercise 4a : Hospitality English Communication

Fill in the blanks with appropriate answer based on the verb or non-verb used in the questions

  1. Which room does Mr Alex stay ? He stays in room 325
  2. What time does he want a wake up call? He wants it at 6 o’clock
  3. When is he going to the mangrove? He is going there tomorrow
  4. Is he happy to stay here? Yes, He is very happy to stay here.
  5. What time does he eat lunch? He eats lunch about 1.00pm
  6. Is he in the room now? Yes, He is in the room now.
  7. What is he saying ? He is saying that the food is nice
  8. Which country is he from ? He is from Switzerland
  9. Does he always arrive early for breakfast? Yes, He always arrives early
  10. How many times does he go for a jog in a week? He goes once a week

Exercise 4b : GROUP WORK

Using Singular subject (eg : he),write 10 present sentences (using instruction in bracket) about :

Housekeeping Activities

  1. (simple verb) Q : What does the customer want?
  2. (simple verb) A : He wants a towel
  3. (simple verb) Q : Does the air-cond work?
  4. (simple verb) A : It doesn’t work
  5. (cont verb) Q : Is the attendant cleaning the room now?
  6. (cont verb) A : Yes, he is cleaning the room.
  7. (adjective) Q : Is the cleaning agent toxic?
  8. (adjective) A : Yes, be careful! Is is very toxic
  9. (prep / noun) Q : Is the guest in the room?
  10. (prep / noun) A : No, He is not in the room right now.

Part 1 (Group work)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate answer based on the verb or non-verb used in the questions

  1. Does Mr John want us to clean the room ? Yes, he wants us to clean it.
  2. Why does this room smell ? It smells because of the damp carpet.
  3. Where is the room attendant going ? He is going to the office.
  4. Is the customer happy with our service? Yes, He is very happy.
  5. Does our boss work today ? No, he doesn’t work because he is not well.
  6. Is the customer out of the room now? Yes, He is already out.
  7. What is the attendant cleaning? He is cleaning the bathtub.
  8. What does he use to clean it? He uses the usual cleaning agent.
  9. Does he clean the room too? Yes, He cleans it too.
  10. What else does the customer need ? She needs another towel.

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