Chapter 5B – Adjectives

What is an adjective?

  • An adjective usually explains the nature of a noun
  • An adjective usually explains size, colour, looks, taste.. etc of a noun

Note :

  1. Most adjectives in English are also adjectives in Malay
  2. There are exceptions, a few adjectives indicating feelings in English are verbs in Malay,
  • eg : angry, afraid, confused, happy etc..

These 2 sentences show the use of adjective in English, which are similar to Malay :

  1. The paper is white (use of a verb to be, ie : is)
  2. The white paper is on the table (adjective combined with a noun)

When translated, the sentences become :

1. The paper is white (use of a verb to be, ie : is)
Kertas itu putih (verb to be must be omitted, also note the change of position ‘the’ (Chapter 1))

2. The white paper is on the table (adjective combined with a noun)
Kertas putih itu berada di atas meja (position of adjective must be reversed with noun, the position of article is also reversed (Chapter 1))

Sample Sentences

1. I’d like to buy some fresh fruit
Saya mahu beli sedikit buah segar

2. This fruit is tasty
Buah ini sedap

3. This food is spicy
Makanan ini pedas

4. I don’t like spicy food
Saya tidak suka makanan pedas

5. Please give me a hot coffee
Tolong beri saya kopi panas

6. The view is so beautiful
Pemandangan itu sangat cantik

7. I enjoy beuutiful view
Saya suka pemandangan cantik

8. This thing is too expensive
Barang ini terlalu mahal

9. I don’t want to buy expensive things
Saya tidak mahu membeli barang mahal

10. Your house is big
Rumah awak besar

11. I admire big houses
Saya tertarik kepada rumah besar

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